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Xplornet launches bold new plan to improve rural broadband

mars 15, 2019

Investment of over $500 million in 5 years will deliver 5G wireless services to Canadians

WOODSTOCK, NB – Rural Canadians will soon have access to faster speeds and more data as Xplornet Communications Inc. makes historic investments in its national broadband network, enabled by the Government of Canada’s Accelerated Investment Incentive.

Announced today by President and CEO Allison Lenehan, this bold new investment plan will position Xplornet to deliver 5G wireless services nationally to rural Canadians.

“We have made unprecedented investments in our broadband network to offer more services to our customers. Later this year, Xplornet will double the speeds we are able to offer customers to 50 Mbps,” said Mr. Lenehan. “Then, we will fulfill our bold promise to offer 100 Mbps speeds to rural Canadians by the end of 2020.”

This investment will enable Xplornet, Canada’s leading rural broadband provider, by the end of next year, to provide 5G-ready wireless services across Canada, supported by new investments in a fibre backbone capable of delivering speeds of at least 1Gbps.

The plan makes effective use of Xplornet’s licensed 3500 MHz spectrum to provide rural Canadians with 5G wireless services.
“At Xplornet, we are proud to fight for rural Canadians,” said Mr. Lenehan. “5G technology is not just about urban Canada – we believe strongly that 5G can enable amazing broadband services in rural Canada, unlike anything previously available.”

To deliver on this commitment, Xplornet will invest $500 million over the next five years to deploy state-of-the-art hybrid fibre wireless technology for rural Canadians. Thanks to the Accelerated Investment Incentive for telecommunications equipment, announced in the 2018 Fall Economic Statement, Xplornet is positioned to accelerate total investment in its rural broadband network.

“Xplornet is grateful to the Government of Canada for their continued support for rural broadband,” said Mr. Lenehan. “These measures, combined with a significant capital investment unprecedented in our company’s history, will deliver 5G services to rural Canadians on the same timeline as in Canada’s largest cities.”


About Xplornet Communications Inc.

Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Xplornet Communications Inc. is one of Canada’s leading broadband service providers. For over a decade, Xplornet has been providing innovative broadband solutions to rural customers at work, home and play across Canada. Today, Xplornet offers voice and data communication services through its unique fibre, wireless and satellite network that connects Canadians to what matters.