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Home Phone Basics

Bring Your Phone Number to Xplore with Local Number Portability

With Xplore Home Phone, you have the choice of getting a new number or keeping your existing phone number. Find out if your existing number is eligible.

Your 911 Address for Xplore Home Phone

Your safety is important to us. This article helps to explain the differences between traditional 911 services and the Xplore Home Phone 911 service.

About Xplore Home Phone

Xplore Home Phone is another great way to connect to what matters most. Learn about our home phone services, including how it works, plans, & installation.

Xplore Home Phone Rates

Xplore Home Phone international and long distance rates changed in June 2018. Check this page for current rates. Connect to what matters most at a distance.

How-to Guides and Manuals

How to Protect Yourself from Phone Fraud

Your Home Phone can be used to gain access to your personal information. These phone scams are known as voice phishing. Read on for some tell-tale signs.

Xplore Hub and Home Phone User Manual

Your Xplore Hub powers your Xplore Home Phone service. Download the PDF version of this manual to learn more about the features included!

Managing Your Xplore Home Phone Features

Our home phone service comes fully loaded - take a look at the included features, and learn how to manage and set-up these features online.

Xplore Home Phone Voicemail Quick Reference Guide

Voicemail is just one of the many options available with your Xplore Home Phone service. To get started with your voicemail, please follow these steps.

Getting Started

Instructions for Activating Your New Home Phone

The Xplore Home Phone is a new way to keep you connected. Once you have your hub connected, you can follow these steps to set-up your new service.