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Restart TV allows you to go back to the start of any program you come across, even if the program is already halfway done. Because all programs are saved from their start, you can rewind, and skip through a show as though you had recorded it.

When you see the Restart TV Icon either in the Guide or when pressing Info, you can press the Green Context Button on the remote to rewind the program you’re watching to the start, and rewind or fast forward (up to ‘Live’ TV).

You can skip forward to Live TV by pressing the Live button on the remote. Restart TV only exists as long as the program has not ended in real time. When you navigate away from the channel, you will lose your spot - and if the program has ended - the rest of the program. If you don’t navigate away, you will be able to continue watching the show until it ends. To be safe, press the Record button  and save the program so you can return to it later.