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Who is Xplornet?

Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Xplornet Communications Inc. is Canada’s leading rural broadband provider. We believe everyone should have access to the transformative benefits of broadband, so we make our service available everywhere in Canada, including the hard-to-reach places. With cutting-edge technologies that cover 100% of rural Canada, Xplornet connects its customers to all that the Internet offers. Click here for more information on our services.

Will I need to sign a contract?

There is no need for you to sign a new contract under your current service. Your current contract will be honored. As we are committed to providing the latest technology, we may upgrade and replace older technology, in which case we will provide you with alternate Internet solutions that may require you to sign a new contract.

Who do I call/contact with any issues or questions regarding my service?

While the team at Platinum Communications will continue to provide technical support for your service until March 1, 2016, you can contact us if you have any questions about this transition. Please email us at or call us at 1-866-841-6001 and we will be happy to help.

When will my services move to Xplornet?

Your Internet service will transition to Xplornet on March 1, 2016.

Do I need to replace my equipment?

You can continue to use the same Internet service equipment that you currently have in your home or business. We’ve designed the transition to be as seamless and easy for you as possible. If you choose to switch packages, an equipment upgrade may be required.


Will there be any changes to my Internet plan and fee?

Your Internet plan and fee will not change. We’ve designed the transition to be as seamless and easy for you as possible. Your upload / download speeds and your monthly service fee will all remain the same.

Will my email address change?

Your email address will remain the same; there will be no changes to your email address.

How do I access my Platinum email?

You can continue to access your email address through your Platinum webmail login page. In the future, we will work with you to migrate your email service over to Xplornet; your email address will remain the same following this migration. More details will be emailed to you once they’re available.

Will all of my Internet services switch to Xplornet?

Xplornet will become your new Internet service provider for your wireless & DSL Internet access.

What will happen to my static IP service?

There will be no changes to your static IP service at this time.

Where can I find more details about policies on my Internet service?

To help you become familiar with the policies that apply to your service, we’ve placed this information in one convenient place. Click here to review policies such as the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Traffic Management Policy.

How do I manage my Platinum VoIP service?

You can continue to manage your VoIP service and features through your existing portal login here.

Will my domain stay active?

We will continue to keep the Platinum domain active over the coming months. We will also continue to keep you informed of any changes that may impact you and the various options available.

Will I still be receiving unlimited usage?

As part of this transition, there is no change to your service, including your unlimited usage. Your Internet plan and fee will not change.

Invoicing & Billing

Will my credit/owing balance transfer to Xplornet?

Yes, your balance will seamlessly transfer to Xplornet’s billing systems.

When will Xplornet start to invoice me?

Your last invoice from Platinum Communications will be issued in February 2016. Your Xplornet invoice will be emailed or mailed to you on the first day of your billing period. Click here for a sample of an Xplornet invoice.

Will my payment information transfer over? Do I need to update my method of payment?

If your current payment method is pre-authorized credit, your credit card information will be securely transferred to Xplornet.

If you currently use the pre-authorized debit option, we will need your up-to-date payment information.
Please complete the Xplornet Pre-authorized Debit Form and return it to Xplornet by one of the following ways:
– Email to
– Fax to 1-866-510-2232
– Mail to P.O. Box 9060, Woodstock, NB E7M 6B5

Will there be any changes to my billing period?

If you are on monthly billing, there will be no changes to your billing period and dates.

For other billing frequencies (such as quarterly, semi-annual, or annual), your account will be transitioned to monthly billing and charges will begin after your current billing period ends.

If you are on a prepaid plan, your account will be transitioned to monthly billing once your prepaid amount is used up.

Will the charges activities such as moving my service remain the same?

Once we have transitioned your services over to the Xplornet systems, the Xplornet service fees and policies for items will be in effect.


Do you have any other questions?

We’re always here to help. Please email us at or call us at 1-866-841-6001.