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What to have ready:

Before you begin, ensure that you have the following items ready:

  • Email username (your full email address) and password

Adding a new email account to your Android device to use with the Outlook app:

  1. From your Home Screen or the appropriate folder, tap the Outlook icon
  2. First time using Outlook for Android? Just tap Add Account.
    1. If not, tap the envelope icon the upper left corner next to Inbox
    2. Tap the envelope with the + sign
    3. Tap Add an account
  3. If you get an Accounts found screen, tap Skip This Account
  4. Type your full Xplore email address, then tap Continue
  5. Tap IMAP under Advanced (POP3 is an option but is NOT recommended)
  6. Enter the following:
    1. Display Name (optional)
    2. Under IMAP Incoming Email Server
      1. IMAP Host Name:
      2. Port: 993
      3. Security Type: SSL/TLS
      4. IMAP Username: your full email address
      5. IMAP password: your email Password
    3. Scroll down to SMTP Outgoing Email Server
      1. SMTP Host Name:
      2. Port: 465
      3. Security Type: SSL/TLS
      4. SMTP Username: your full email address
      5. SMTP password: your email Password
    4. Tap the checkmark at the top right
  7. Tap Maybe Later for “Would you like to add another account now?”

Your Xplore email account is now ready for use in Outlook on your Android device.

Changing your Email Password

If you changed your email password in webmail or MyXplore, you will need to change it in Outlook to match the new password.

Outlook will detect a sync error and ask you to Please sign in.

  1. Tap OK
  2. Enter your email Password for both IMAP Password and SMTP Password, then tap the checkmark at the top right

Your password is now changed to match what you set it to in webmail or MyXplore. You may have to resend the last message you were trying to send when you got the sync error.