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Data Usage Culprits

If you’re finding your Internet data seemingly disappearing without your knowledge, it’s important to consider how you’re using the devices you have connected to the Internet, as well as whether your devices are performing background actions, using Internet data while appearing to be shut down.

These are among the biggest Internet-draining activities:

Video streaming on any device

  • Netflix™

  • Crave

  • Amazon Prime

  • Apple TV, Smart TVs

  • Youtube videos

  • Twitch

  • Disney+

Playing video games (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo)

  • Game downloads

  • Updates

  • Any streamed gaming content


  • Game downloads

  • System or game updates

  • Any streamed video or gaming content

  • File upload and download

File downloads

The larger the file, the more data it requires to download.

  • Music

  • Video

  • Images

  • PDFs, Adobe Photoshop files, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents

  • Files sent through email

  • Any cloud service has high usage: iCloud automatically sends a full update of your existing data every time it updates.