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Frequently Asked Questions

What is local number portability?

Local Number Portability allows you to keep your existing telephone number and move it to Xplore. Most existing landline, Voice Over IP (VOIP) and mobile telephone numbers can be eligible for number portability.

What is number porting?

Porting is the act of moving a telephone number from one home phone service provider to another. If you bring your number over to Xplore from your previous home phone provider, it is called “porting in”.

Can all numbers be ported?

Not all numbers can be ported; it depends on which local calling area you’re in. Check out our handy lookup tool to see if your number is eligible to move to Xplore Home Phone service.

How do I begin the porting process?

Once you have signed up for Xplore Home Phone service, your equipment is installed and you’ve completed the online activation process, you’ll need to complete a Letter of Authorization for Local Number Porting. Download a PDF copy of this form here..

Important note: The information you provide in the Letter of Authorization must be exactly as it appears on your previous phone provider’s invoice.

Once it’s complete, sign the completed Letter of Authorization and then fax to 1-866-485-4156 or email a picture or scanned copy of the Letter of Authorization to

How long will the porting process take?

The porting process can generally be completed within 15 days from the date you submit the completed Letter of Authorization for Local Number Porting.

Remember, until your number is ported, you must maintain your phone service with your previous provider.

If I omit information on my Letter of Authorization for Local Number Porting form, will you still be able to port my number?

Unfortunately not. We require all fields to be completed, including full contact information, previous provider details and the account holder’s signature. Otherwise, your previous phone provider can reject our request, which delays the process.

Local Number Portability Tips and Tricks

  • To verify whether you can port your current number, check out our handy lookup tool here

  • After your Home Phone service is active, be sure to download a PDF copy of this form here accurately and correctly The information you provide should exactly match what your current provider has on file

  • Do not cancel your existing phone service until the porting process is complete