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Will my service be impacted if I exceed my monthly data quota?

If you choose a quota-based plan, we can pause your data if you reach your limit or you can choose to continue and just pay per GB until your next billing cycle when your data resets. You can also purchase top-ups through

Don’t know what plan type you have? Visit and sign in to look up your most recent bill that contains all your plan details. See information for An introduction to your Xplore invoice.

Unlimited Plans (LTE and Fixed Wireless):

  • We offer unlimited data on all speeds of service. Choose your speed and enjoy unlimited data with no restrictions.

Unlimited Data Plans for Satellite (DataXtend™):

  • We offer Unlimited Plans on our Satellite service called DataXtend™

  • Choose the speed and data plan that best suits your needs.

  • If you exceed the data included in your plan, you will continue to enjoy unlimited data for browsing, social media, email, shopping and more, with no overage fees until your next billing cycle.

  • DataXtend plans provide you with unlimited data – even after you exceed the full-speed data included in your plan. The difference? After exceeding the full-speed data included in your plan, the download speed will change. DataXtend 50 Mbps changes to ‘up to 2.5Mbps’, DataXtend 25 Mbps changes to ‘up to 2.0Mbps’, DataXtend 10 Mbps changes to ‘up to 1.0Mbps’ and DataXtend 5 Mbps changes to ‘up to 512kbps’.

Usage Charge Plans:

These plans let you pay a fee per GB of data if you exceed the data included in your plan. This option is available on plans, other than unlimited.

  • You will incur additional charges for data used beyond your monthly data amount. Your plan’s additional data usage rate can be found by logging in to MyXplore. For billing purposes, usage is rounded to the nearest byte. The charges will continue for the remainder of your billing cycle.

    View Internet Data Usage

All other plans:

  • After exceeding your monthly data, both download and upload speeds will be reduced for the remainder of your billing cycle. This ensures you will not be charged for data if you exceed your limit.
    • For SAT Select plans to 512 kbps download and 512 kbps upload

    • For other plans to 150 kbps download and 150 kbps upload

For all plans, your monthly billing cycle will reset at 2 am local time. For complete details of Xplore traffic management policies please visit

Am I able to change my plan after my Internet is installed?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time! Please email us at and we’d be happy to help.

How do I find the details for my plan?

If you received a “Customer Plan Worksheet” from your dealer, you’ll find your monthly fee and any data and one-time activation fee details on this sheet. If you signed up with Xplore directly, you should have received a confirmation email at the address you provided. Please log in to MyXplore for your current package information, or email us at for assistance. See information About MyXplore.

What is an equipment installation fee?

An equipment installation fee is part of the creation of a new account. The one-time fee covers costs associated with setting up the equipment.

How do I know how much data I have included in my plan and how much I’ve used?

To check your data use for the month to date, you can log into MyXplore and load the Usage Tracker.

View Internet Data Usage