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Why have I received this notification?

The Government of Canada has created a framework that allows a copyright holder to send a notice to an ISP where they believe that an IP address that has been assigned to the ISP has been involved in online activity that has infringed their copyright. Types of online activity that may represent copyright infringement include the unauthorized downloading of music, videos, books and games, for example. On receiving such a notice from a copyright holder, the ISP is required to forward the notice to their customer who was using the IP address at the time the copyright infringement is alleged to have occurred.

The date on the notice has passed – what does this mean?

We are working through a backlog of notifications and are processing them as quickly as possible. The copyright holder is aware of the delay.

I believe someone else has used my Internet connection. What should I do?

We are passing on the message as required by law. An IP address associated with your account was identified by the copyright holder but we have no knowledge of why it was identified. We suggest that you contact the copyright holder directly if you have any questions or comments concerning this matter. Contact information for the copyright holder can be found in the notification email.

We do suggest that you keep your wireless network secured (password protected) and that you always use antivirus software to protect your PC.