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Voicemail is accessible from any phone in your home by pressing *86 or *98 from a handset.

The Voicemail menu tree below shows the most common items you’ll use. At any time you’re not listening to a message, you can press the * key for help.
We recommend setting up a PIN or password for your voicemail, which can be done by pressing 0 for Mailbox Options, and then 5 for Set Password.

You can also access your voicemail from an outside line by dialing your phone number and pressing * during the greeting. 

You will then be prompted for your PIN, and may continue as normal.

You will notice a variety of potential greeting types in the Voicemail menu tree below. 

We recommend you record an Unavailable Greeting and your name at a minimum; otherwise, the system will generate greetings based on your name or phone number (whichever it has).

To record the greeting, select the appropriate menu option, then press # to end the recording. 

You may then press 1 to Accept your recording, 2 to Review (listen) to it, or 3 to Re-Record.

The Temporary/Vacation greeting will take precedence over either the Busy or Unavailable greetings if it exists. 

To delete a Temporary/Vacation greeting, select the menu option, and press 2 to erase the greeting as indicated by the voice prompt.

If you would like to disable the Metro Loop Voicemail service to use your own answering machine, please give us a call at 905-667-8945 or send an email to

Voicemail menu tree

1 - Listen to Voicemail Messages

  • 3 - Advanced Options
  • 1 - Reply
  • 2 - Call Back
  • 3 - Play Envelope
  • 4 - Outgoing Call
  • 5 - Send Message
  • 4 - Play Previous Message
  • 5 - Repeat Current Message
  • 6 - Play Next Message
  • 7 - Delete Current Message
  • 9 - Save Message in Folder
  • * - During Message Playback: Rewind
  • # - During Message Playback: Skip 

0 - Mailbox Options

  • 1 - Record your Unavailable Greeting
  • 2 - Record your Busy Greeting
  • 3 - Record your Name
  • 4 - Record your Temporary/Vacation Greeting
  • 5 - Change your Voicemail Password / PIN
  • * - Return to Main Menu
  • # - Help

# - Exit/Hang Up