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Temporary service suspensions are possible for as little as one month, up to a maximum of six months.  Your service is re-activated upon your return automatically.

A one-time flat fee of $49 will be applied to your bill to activate the service suspension.  At the time of suspension setup you may choose all or a selection of your services to suspend.  All services must be on the same customer account, otherwise a separate $49 fee will be applied to each account.  Any additions/deletions of services on your temporary service suspension will incur a separate $49 fee.  Shortening or extending your temporary service suspension will not incur any additional fees provided the suspension is still within the one to six month time frame.

What happens during a temporary service suspension?

  • Internet service, including WiFi services will not function.
  • Television service, including video-on-demand and any previously recorded programs on your PVR will not be accessible.  Your television will display a "service not authorized" message while the temporary service suspension is active.
  • Telephone service will not be able to make or receive telephone calls.  Your voicemail will continue to receive messages, and you may continue to remotely pickup your messages.

Special notes.

  • If you have a home alarm system that communicates over the Internet or your telephone line you may not want to suspend these services as your alarm may no longer work.
  • Any rental hardware (ie: television boxes, WiFi extenders, etc.) will continue to be billed.
  • Any finance charges will continue to be billed.
  • Any balance owing must be paid.
  • Any construction fees, installation fees, or other one-time fees will continue to be billed.
  • All service fees will be pro-rated at the beginning and end of the temporary service suspension period.