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The winter is tough for everyone, but bad weather doesn’t stop Swift Underground, one of Xplore’s local dealers and fibre construction contractors, from connecting residents and businesses to Xplore’s 100% pure fibre Internet in rural Manitoba.

The Country Perogy Shop, a rural Manitoban company committed to offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, was the first customer in Kleefeld, Manitoba to be connected to Xplore's new fibre network by Swift Underground.

“The install was absolutely painless and we weren’t without internet for more than a minute,” said Don Penner.

Don and his wife Dorothy have owned the Country Perogy Shop for eight years.

Dorothy explained that with their previous DSL Internet provider the payment terminal often wouldn’t work and customers would have to leave their contact information so they could send an e-transfer, come back later with a cheque or return when the machine started working again.

“We were never stiffed by anyone, but a business should never have to operate this way.” Since being connected to Xplore fibre, this issue is a thing of the past.

“The speeds are awesome and our Point of Sale machine has worked ever since!”

Now with a fast and reliable Internet connection, Dorothy can work on the website and make changes right from her office at the store. Previously, Dorothy would have to go back to her home, five miles away, where she has Xplore fixed wireless Internet, to upload and download large files from suppliers or to make modifications to the website.

“Now I can get to work right here at the store, if something comes up, I can address it right away. I don’t have to wait until I get home.”

Though the Country Perogy Shop has only been located “in-town” in Kleefeld for two years, it feels like it’s been there forever. And, in a way, it has been a part of the fabric of the community for decades already.

The Country Perogy Shop has been in the Penner family for the past 35 years.

They had humble beginnings, being run out of the Penner’s own kitchen, and struggled to stay open after one of their primary customers, “The 8 Stove” (or “Eating Room” in German) closed down in the 90’s. But, through persistence and “pounding the pavement,” the reputation and customer base of The Country Perogy Shop continued to grow to what it is today.

Dorothy laughed when asked how they came to the decision to purchase the business.

“We had joked about me buying the business for years, since we were family, and I was already the shop manager.”

After purchasing the business, they decided to relocate to Kleefeld. Dorothy explained that their new location had sentimental value to her. It was once a restaurant that was owned by a family friend. This turned out to be a great decision as their retail sales have since increased by 10-20% and they feel much more present in the community.

For Don and Dorothy, when it comes to their business, quality and customer service are paramount. They experimented with a perogy making machine once to move away from hand-pinched perogies.

“It worked great! The one thing we didn’t check before getting the machine was actually cooking the perogy and tasting it,” Dorothy said.

They realized that the machine changed the taste and texture of their perogies.

“We couldn’t stand behind the product, so we stopped using the machine,” she added.

Don said he expects the same level of quality and service from other companies.

“It doesn’t matter how big you are, if my business hinges on the product you provide and I need support, I better feel like I’m the most important person for you right now. So far Swift (Xplore) has been great with that.”

Xplore’s Fibre internet is now available in Kleefeld, Grunthal, Mitchell South, La Broquerie, New Bothwell, Dufresne, Linden, Greenland and Otterburne; and soon, construction will be underway in Landmark and Blumenort.

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